Remix vs Create React App

SSR vs SPAs: A Comparison of Remix and Create React App


Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Single Page Applications (SPAs) are two common techniques for building web applications. SSR renders content on the server before sending it to the client, while SPAs handle rendering and user interactions on the client side. In this document, we will compare the advantages of SSR versus SPAs by examining two popular frameworks: Remix for SSR and Create React App for SPAs.

File-based routing


  • File-based routing simplifies navigation by mapping URLs to file system paths.

  • Requires less configuration and allows for easy code organization.

Create React App:

  • Uses a more traditional routing approach with React Router.

  • Requires manual configuration and might become complex as the application grows.

Preloading content


  • Allows preloading data on the server, improving initial load times and user experience.

  • Supports progressive hydration, which reduces the amount of JavaScript needed for initial page load.

Create React App:

  • Lacks built-in preloading support, but third-party libraries can be used.

  • Requires additional configuration and optimization.

State management


  • Encourages local component state management, reducing the need for global state solutions like Redux.

  • Simplifies state management by leveraging React's built-in hooks and context.

Create React App:

  • Often requires external state management libraries like Redux, which increases complexity.

  • Involves more boilerplate code for actions, reducers, and selectors.

Decreased application complexity


  • Reduces complexity through file-based routing, simplified state management, and built-in features.

  • Less reliance on third-party libraries.

Create React App:

  • Requires additional configuration and integrations, increasing complexity.

  • Relies more on third-party libraries for various features.



  • Improved performance through server-side rendering and preloading content.

  • Better perceived performance due to progressive hydration.

Create React App:

  • Performance can be optimized but requires additional effort and configuration.

  • Can suffer from slow initial load times for large applications.



  • Better SEO due to server-rendered content, making it easily crawlable by search engines.

  • Improved performance and user experience positively impact SEO.

Create React App:

  • Can have limited SEO capabilities due to client-side rendering.

  • Requires additional configuration for server-side rendering or prerendering.


Both frameworks can integrate with analytics tools like Google Analytics. However, Remix provides a better out-of-the-box experience due to its server-rendered nature, capturing accurate page views without additional configuration.



  • Provides a more opinionated framework, which can be seen as limiting flexibility.

  • Streamlines development by offering built-in solutions.

Create React App:

  • Offers greater flexibility with a less opinionated structure.

  • Allows for more customization but may require more configuration.

Ease of development


  • Simplifies development through built-in features and streamlined conventions.

  • Reduces the learning curve for new developers.

Create React App:

  • Can be more complex due to additional configuration and third-party library integrations.

  • Might have a steeper learning curve for new developers.

Using React

Both Remix and Create React App are built on top of React, allowing developers to leverage their existing knowledge and the vast React ecosystem.

Unit and e2e testing

Both frameworks support unit and e2e testing using tools like Jest and Cypress. The testing experience is largely similar between the two frameworks.

Building complex user interfaces

Remix and Create React App both support building complex user interfaces using React components. The choice between the two largely depends on the developer's preference and the specific requirements of the project. While Remix provides a more streamlined development experience with built-in features and improved performance, Create React App offers greater flexibility for customization and integration with third-party libraries. It is important to evaluate the needs of your project and team when choosing the most appropriate framework for building complex user interfaces.

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